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T’s & C’s


DISCLAIMER: By accepting these goods and services you are agreeing to this disclaimer and terms.

The goods and services supplied on the invoice are in working order and as quoted. If any issues are encountered the business is to be contacted and they will be addressed. 

It is recommend that all speakers and sub-woofers are given 20-26hours run in time. Where the volume is kept under 40% and slowly increased to desired volume every ~10hours

Vehicles and before and after photos maybe be taken and displayed on the website or social media, please inform us if you wish for this not to happen,

In the case of faults in or out of the warranty period:

  • The item will be examined and if faulty, will be fixed or replaced at the discretion of PCC&A. The time, labour, materials and any other requirements needed to test remove or examine the alleged faulty product maybe charged to the client based on the diagnostic labour charge of $150/hour.

  • If it is deemed that the product has failed due to abuse the product may not be tested or put forward to the manufacture for assessment. Where abuse means having been used beyond the RMS power rating, been powered by distorted or poor quality audio signal, been used in a corrosive environment, being powered by power beyond the specifications of the manufacture, being used in off-road environments, being used in any way that goes against the warnings or recommendations specified by the manufacturer.



  • When products are being installed in any vehicle it is the responsibility of the vehicles owner to remove any and all goods including money.

  • PCCA will not under any circumstances be responsible for damaged or loses of any goods that are present in the vehicle.

  • If damage has occurred to the vehicle, depending on the damage contribution PCCA will endeavor to fix or replace or compensate financially the damage. When financially compensating the damage the amount will be at the discretion of PCCA.

  • In the case where products which have been supplied by the customer to be installed, which maybe second hand or purchased from alternate source, ONLY the install will be warranted regardless or quality standard or age or the supplied products. The labor fees still remain according to the job regardless if the product works or not. It is the sole responsibility of the client to test the products they have supplied.

  • PCCA supplies a testing service to examine clients externally purchased goods at given fees. The tests results will be reported, however given the nature or second hand goods PCCA will not guaranty or  warrant or be liable for these products or the report supplied.

  • If any modification or evidence of modification to PCCA installation including wiring has occurred this voids all liability and warranty to the installation and goods.

  • If any settings or wiring has been changed or modified or appear to be changed or modified on any amplifier installed by PCCA this may void warranty of the amplifier, any product connected to the amplifier and the installation warranty.



All legal issues and regulations have been met to the best of Pete’s Custom car & audio (PCC&A). It is the owners responsibility to confirm that the products installed in the car have all features which make the system road worthy are correctly functioning. PCCA is to be informed and it is the responsibly of the owner to take immediate action to address the issue. Any standards which have been overlooked are unintentional and PCC&A will not be responsible for fees involved but will endeavour to solve them.


In the case of a high powered audio system installed it is owners responsibility to become aware of the states work safe sound pressure recommendations and inform any and all occupants that will be exposed to the audio system. PCCA recommends average sound pressure level of 80dB over 8 hours with never being exposed to more than 90DB at any time.

High powered system is an audio system which produces more than 72watts RMS from audio source or amplifier. 


All driving aids including Bluetooth hands free, parking sensors, reversing cameras are aids ONLY and are not to be relied on, or intervene with safe driving practices.

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